Bespoke construction company, specialising in complex of structures and finest of details.

We are luxury home builder Victoria wide specialising in high-end, custom built homes. Founded on the principles of quality and attention to detail, DG Build prides itself on executing projects which exceed expectations and realise architectural vision. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the construction of unique displays of modern architecture. We believe in perfection in process and delivery.

We believe that when it comes to homes, luxury doesn’t always have a standard measure. It is defined by the dreams and aspirations of those who will live in their homes. This is why we focus our efforts on getting to understand our clients better from day one. Our approach is thus unique because we not only take into account their tastes and preferences, but also their deeper ideas about how they want their future to shape up.

We then set about combining all of that with our own expertise to come up with a one-of-a-kind design and construction plan for your new home. This is relatively easier when you are working on a new home from the ground up, but our team manages to do this even in the case of luxury home renovations and luxury home extensions in Melbourne.

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